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Alternatives for Youth

Helping teens, their families and the community

For almost 40 years in Colorado, Alternatives for Youth has provided effective, efficient prevention and early intervention services to adolescents struggling with alcohol, substance use, and behavioral health issues. We deliver these services with compassion, utilizing a multi-systemic treatment approach that provides hope and positive outcomes including the personal tools to build the future pathway towards long-term healing.


AFY has partnered with schools and justice programs in Colorado to offer early diversion  and intervention programs for adolescents. These programs offer an alternative treatment solution for youth that have been involved in a situation requiring school or justice intervention. Our programs also partner with the adolescent's parent/s or guardian/s. We offer a wide range of diversion programs depending on the situation. If you have been referred to our program, register now by clicking the link below. 


AFY offers early intervention and treatment programs for adolescents from the age of 10-19 in need of assistance with challenges such as alcohol, substance abuse, and behavioral mental heath issues. Parents and guardians may contact us to begin an intake evaluation and assess the needs of their situation.  AFY can review options for adolecent in need of assistance and determine if an AFY early intervention and treatment program could help. Please contact us by clicking the link below.


AFY’s curriculum utilizes evidence and outcomes based, Trauma-Responsive practices recommended by SAMHSA.

Core components:

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Love and Logic

  • Neuroscience-based psychoeducation

  • Harm-reduction 


We are grateful for our opportunity to serve the Colorado community for nearly 40 years.


Our mission to serve adolescents, their parents and the community continues to evolve with those challenges and opportunities. 

Learn more about us and join our journey into the future. Our mission to have a positive and meaningful impact on our community continues.

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