Covid-19 Program Update


Alternatives for Youth continues to serve individuals, families, and communities in Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are offering certified virtual programs currently, with resumption of

in-person programs when permitted. Register Below.

iWISE Diversion Program


The iWISE North Metro Youth Diversion Program is for youth 10-20 years of age who live in Adams County and have been referred by the Adams County Courts or by Adams County School Districts.

The Adams County courts refer teens and young adults to iWise who have been issued a citation for a first-time alcohol possession or consumption offense, a possession of drug paraphernalia offense or a misdemeanor drug related offense by a Municipal Court in Adams County, Colorado.

Schools in Adams County may refer a teen to the Youth Diversion program due to an alcohol and/or drug offense within the school environment.


If you or your child have been referred by the courts, you are directed to participate (both teen and parent/guardian for teens 10-17) in the AFY iWISE one-time 4-hour north metro diversion class/session.


You must register for the class with AFY iWISE class within 72 hours of receiving your citation to determine if you are eligible for the North Metro Youth Diversion program.


If you are found to be eligible and complete the 4-hour program in its entirety, the alcohol offense, possession of drug paraphernalia offense or misdemeanor drug related offense will be dismissed. If you have charges in addition to those referenced above, you must appear on your court date for those charge(s).

If you are eligible, and agree to accept the full conditions, a responsible adult must attend the four-hour class with you if you are between the ages of 10 and 17 at the time of the citation. Those 18 and older need not bring a parent/guardian.

The program must be completed prior to the court date on your citation. If you successfully complete the program and are under the age of 18, you must appear with a parent, guardian or other responsible adult at the referring municipal court on or before your court date with a certificate of completion from AFY iWISE. The referring municipality will dismiss the alcohol possession/consumption offense, drug paraphernalia offense or other drug related offense. If you do not successfully complete the program, you will need to appear on the court date listed on your citation.

It is your responsibility to complete the program prior to the court date listed on your citation. For this reason, it is critical that you register with AFY iWISE within the 72 hour time period. Failure to contact AFY iWISE class and make arrangements to attend and complete the program may mean you will no longer be eligible for the North Metro Youth Diversion Program and you must appear in court on your assigned date.


Classes are divided by age Group (10-13, 14-17, 18-20) and by an assessment score which will be determined during the registration process.

Class Time And Location Is Also Determined During The Registration Process.

iTHRIVE Early Intervention



The iTHRIVE program is a comprehenive solution for teens struggling with drugs and alcohol and offers support for their parents as well. Through a powerful combination of teen group psychotherapy, parent education, and pro-social activities, iTHRIVE helps teens develop healthier lifestyles and supports their families in reclaiming hope and happiness. All programming is conducted by highly qualified professional counseling staff. Together, we help teens and families thrive!


AFY iTHRIVE is a 7-week class, meeting one night a week for 2 hours each night. A teen is referred to the iWise program through their school, the courts, through a counselor or other non-profit agency. Worried parents also refer their own teen. 


AFY iTHRIVE has been conducting classes for over 6 years and uses a best-practice curriculum approved by the State of Colorado. All classes are conducted by professional counselors/psychologists. Evaluations show very positive results. Teens are reducing their use of substances and parents are learning new tools regarding communication, setting boundaries, and developing appropriate consequences; and, family satisfaction is improving for both parents and teens.


A family can contact us directly, or if referred by school or court, the referring agency will let us know your phone number and AFYiTHRIVE will call you to set up the registration interview. To enroll in the iTHRIVE program, the teen and at least one of the parents will participate in a one-hour registration interview. The teen meets with a teen facilitator while the parents meet with a parent facilitator. Same time, same location, separate meetings. In those interviews, we will find out more about what is going on and will let you know more specifics about the program, as well as having parent and teen sign the necessary paperwork.

We hold classes at different locations: Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, Northglenn, and we are looking at locations in the Brighton and Frederick areas. They are often held in schools, libraries, or churches, as well as at our company headquarters in Northglenn. The AFY iTHRIVE program is 6 weeks in length, meeting one night a week for 2 hours per night, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. 

“I liked how everyone here accepted me and my problems and didn’t judge me. It was also cool to learn the different techniques to use in order to make me feel happy without drugs."

— teen