iTHRIVE- 6 WEEK, Reduced School Lunch

$100 deposit fee includes enrollment, intake, week 1 session.

Service Description

Register here for the iTHRIVE program if your registrant is on a verifiable reduced school lunch program. Deposit fee of $100, paid upon registration, includes enrollment, intake, week 1 session. $100 fee will be applied to the total cost of the 6 week program. ORIENTATION, INTAKE AND WEEK 1 is held on a SATURDAY per your registration date. Following session schedule will be reviewed during WEEK 1 session. REGISTRANT AND PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST ATTEND WEEK 1. 6 Week iTHRIVE program cost for reduced lunch - $450 Fee due with registration as described above - ($100) Remaining balance due * - $350 Balance due can be paid via a payment installment plan to be reviewed in week 1 session. iTHRIVE is a Level II, inclusive 6 week evidence-based course that focuses on substance use, and mental health. This class meets IN PERSON, 1-day per week, 2-hours per session. This course requires teen and parent attendance; teens and parents meet separately for most sessions, but combined in others. Some of the topics that will be discussed include: The Stages of Change, Relapse Prevention, Triggers, Mindfulness, Alternative Sober Activities, Family Communication Strategies, Brain Chemistry, and Future Plans.